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Home Sports Massage Therapy

You don't have to leave you house to get the massage therapy you need. Due to work or time commitments it can prove difficult to have the time to visit a sports massage therapist. this can be stressful in itself! something we're trying to alleviate.

With MFit a fully qualified, level 3 sports massage therapist will come to you. Fully equiped with a partable massage couch and the the essential equipment, MFit will provide the therapist salon experience in your own home.

How it works

MFit's home sports massage service includes a detailed client analysis on the first session to build up a profile about you, your current state of health and any contra-indications you may have.

If any contra-indications do arise then you will be asked to see a doctor to confirms you are able to have the treatment before any treatment is given.

Before every therapy there will be a small re-evaluation to update record cards as well as map any injury recovery.


Home Sports Therapy Pricing Information


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