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Mood Analysis

Our diet has a major effect on the way we feel, both physically and mentally. Studies show that there is a distinct correlation between energy 'dips' people feel post lunchtime and the food that they've eaten earlier in the day. Diets play major roles in high level sports performance,giving the extra edge to the athelete thats needed to rise above the rest.

However, there is no reason this cannot be applied in everyday life. By making changes to our attitude to food and the way we eat we can dramictally improve the way we feel.

This can lead to boosted performance as well as reduced stress levels as the struggle through to the end of the day disappears and our energy levels increase.  

So why not let MFit help you improve your mood with our mood analysis?

We all know the easiest route to a consistant permanant change is little and often, thats why MFit won't just radically alter the way you eat but steadily lead you through to better nutrition. This in turn will lead to raised energy levels and a better feeling of well-being.

How it Works

MFit will analyse your mood at different points of the day along with your diet and look make the changes to your diet that will give the most benfit to you.

Each week MFit will reaccess this and make additional adjustments to the meals and snacks you eat and drink, leading you towards a better, more nutriitonal diet and a greater feeling of well-being.


Mood Analysis Pricing Information

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