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Nutritional Advice

Nutrition plays an important part in our health and fitness. This area is often overlooked and pehaps the most difficult to get right in order to stay energic and keep healthy.

Todays 'fast food' and 'ready meal' culture means we are often eating convenience foods which contain too much saturated fat and little in the way of vitamins and minerals.

With busy lives it can be hard to keep track of the food you've eaten let alone plan ahead and make sure you get every food group in.  

So why not let MFit help you improve your diet. The easiest route to a consistant change is little and often, that why MFit won't just radically alter the way you eat but steadily lead you through to better nutrition. This in turn will lead to raised energy levels and a better feeling of well-being.

MFit's nutritional advice services include;

Dietary Advice

Mood Analysis

Sleep Pattern Analysis


Nutrition Pricing Information

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