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Postural Analysis

The quality of a person's life, especially in later years can be determined by a lifetime of good posture. Over a period of years the habits that have been formed in sleep, sitting, or walking can have an effect on how we hold ourselves.

As we go about our everyday lives our bodies react and change to suit our environments. Sitting at a desk, using a computer, carrying heavy objects, even bending over all have an effect.

Postural analysis helps to identify areas where your body may be over compensating itself from either recent or past injuries such as;

• Tightness in the neck

• Persistent headaches

• Upper back problems

• Lower back problems

• Pelvic tilts

• Sciatica

• Foot alignment

MFit's postural analysis will look at your posture to either finding the common cause of existing postural problems and prevent the potential ones.

How it works

MFit's sports massage at work service includes a detailed client analysis on the first session to build up a profile about you, your current state of health and any contra-indications you may have.

If any contra-indications do arise then you will be asked to see a doctor to confirms you are able to have the treatment before any treatment is given.

Before every therapy there will be a small re-evaluation to update record cards as well as map any injury recovery.


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