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MFit training offers bespoke, friendly and approachable personal training, sport therapy and nutitional advice services. These services are tailored to your goals and satisfaction.

Our core services include;

Personal Training

Our personal training services are built to fit in around the free time you have. As hectic work patterns and schedules often cause us to neglect and sometimes even ignore our own health and fitness.

MFit offer a wide range of services for personal training including;

One on One Home Personal Training - MFit comes to you.

Outdoor Personal Training - For those who love the fresh air.

Group Personal Training - Train with your friends  or other people.

Work Personal Training - Train in your spare time in the office.

Sports Massage Therapy

Everybody assumes that only athletes need sport massages, but the general wear and tear of everyday lives affects our bodies and takes it toll.

MFit offer a range of services including;

Swedish Body Massage - Relax and release the days stress.

Sports Massage Therapy - Get rid of those niggling aches and pains.

Injury Therapy - Recover from sustained injuries.

Nutritional Advice

Nutrition is very important in our well-being and contribute greatly to our mood and physical fitness. Many people don't understand the importance of this and so rely on poor and often ready meal orientated diets.

MFit offer a range of services to help improve people well-being including;

Dietary Advice - MFit will analyse and help you improve the way your diet

Sleep Analysis - Are you getting enough sleep

Energy Level Analysis - Improve your energy levels

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