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Sleep Pattern Analysis

Sleep and the frustration of not having enough, is becoming a new health obsession.

Worries about diet, pollution and exercise have given way to anxieties about insomnia.

We are told that the nation is building up a "chronic sleep debt" because our modern lifestyles don't allow us to spend enough time in bed after a long day. Millions are being spent on sleeping pills to "cure" those who can't drop off at night.

So why not let MFit help you improve your mood with our sleep pattern analysis?

MFit will look at your sleep patterns to analyse whether you're getting enough quality sleep.

How it Works

MFit will analyse your sleeping patterns and look at how even the smallest changes could help you get a better nights sleep.

Each week MFit will reaccess this and make additional adjustments to help you get the quality sleep you need.


Sleep Analysis Pricing Information

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