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Sports Massage Therapy

You don't have to be a sportsman to need a sports massage. Throughout our everyday lives muscles become tight and sore and need the tension releasing. These are not just caused by elite training and active lifestyles but also by habitual movement patterns such as sitting for prolonged periods of time.

People in manual jobs are especially prone to these type of muscular problems. Many working through their pain worsening the current condition and causing further damage to other areas.

Likewise, any type of office worker will be prone to this, many suffering from tight and stiff muscles around the neck, shoulders and lower back from constantly being sat in front of a computer screen 9 hours a day. Again, this can lead to postural problems and affect other areas leading to more complex and painful problems, such as sciatica.

Likewise with people who train hard sports massage has become a recognised, integral part of training, aiding recovery and increasing sporting performance.

MFit offer a number of sports massage therapies including;

Sports Massage at Home - Sports massage at home, we come to you.

Sports Massage at Work - stressed at work? destress with MFit.

Postural Analysis - find out if you posture is potentially affecting you.

Injury Therapy - Rehabilitation for injury.


Sports Therapy Pricing Information

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