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David Wood

"Since training with MFit I have noticed my fitness levels increase dramatically. Making it easier to train and more importantly making the training much more enjoyable. "

Leigh Rugby Union Team

MFit has helped Leigh Rugby Union team to improve and maintain their fitness levels.

Using Wrestling techniques and drills adapted for Rugby Union, MFit helped to teach the players new skills to raised fitness levels as well as improve their technique on the field.

"The techniques shown to us helped us to rely on skill more than brute strength, increasing our fitness and durability in the game."

Tracey McAndrew

"Since training with MFit i have already lost over a stone in weight! The sessions are fun and interesting but hard work at the same time, much more interesting and worth while than training on my own.

The nutritional advice has been valuable too, helped out with Matt's diet sheets I have totally changed the way I look at food, for the better!"

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